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Silage additives

Silage is a high quality forage, which is preserved by fermentation. The use of maize and grass silage is almost indispensable in feeding dairy cows.

Numerous factors affect the ensiling and thus the quality of the silage. Above all, these factors are the kind of feed fermenting, the plant's development stage at harvest, fertilizer, weather, wilting period and harvest technique.

Depending on the aim and the application, silage additives help to achieve a high quality silage at once high efficiency.
Our products under the names of our customers have been awarded diverse DLG-certification marks.

For biological silage, we offer you different bacterial strains of the largest European manufacturer of bacteria, the Danish company Chr. Hansen.
Our partner for decades Medipharm has been a member of this conmpany since January 2008.
All of our silage additives for diverse customer needs are approved by the EU.

We offer

  • products for different kind of silage
  • homo- and heterofermentative bacterial strains
  • combination with enzymes and acid components
  • protection against damaging microorganisms
  • improvement of the fermentation process
  • higher feed value and performance
  • products that are approved for organic farming