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is not only a seasoning, but also indispensable to life functions of the human organism. It is a building block of all organic body substances and supports and regulates many metabolic functions, especially the regulation of the salt and water balance.

Sea salt is particularly valuable to the human organism, due to its high content of minerals. Just by the natural process of water evaporation, under the influence of sun and wind, sea salt is occurred in so-called salt gardens.

Evaporated salt is recovered by reason of evaporation of a brine solution (brine). Sweet water is pumped in many salines into underground rock deposits under high pressure to produce the brine. As soon as the salt has dissolved, the brine is passed upwards again to evaporate in salt refinery.

Rock salt is the salt that is mined underground.

In addition to the above mentioned cooking salts, we can gladly assist you in obtaining pan salt, Himalayan salt or salt from the Dead Sea and of course we can offer you regeneration salt, too.