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Probiotics - lactic-acid bacteria

Probiotics are living microorganisms that colonize the intestine and protect against diseases. Probiotics can be divided into three groups:
Lactic-acid bacteria - spore forming bacteria - yeasts.
The lactic-acid bacteria are located in numerous foods such as yogurt, soured milk or sourcrout. They are used to conserve food and animal feed to correct disturbances of the digestive system and to antagonise unwanted microorganisms in the gastro-intestinal tract.
Probiotics, such as lactic-acid producing bacteria PUCOFERM® increase vitality, well-being and performance of the animal by displacing the pathogenic, undesirable bacteria in the intestine and enhance the natural balance in the intestine. Thereby the absortion utilisation is improved and further the local immune system of the intestine and the production of digestive enzymes are stimulated.
Probiotics, which are also described as "bioregulators" or "intestine stabilizer" are contained amongst others in the following feed supplements.

is a paste for rearing calves in the first days of life to strengthen the immune system and to protect the newborn animals against infections.  
Three components in a paste product - optimal dosage form of iron for piglets - provides for a functioning intestinal flora and reduces the susceptibility to stress and intestine infection.

PUCOFERM® piglets' start 
Provides with highly digestible nutrients of the BHV-1-free colostrum for the best possible start, guarantees a healthy intestinal flora and is the first step in a safe, successful breeding.   

Fights in a natural way against weaning stress.
For use in compound feed, own mixture or individually as top dress for piglet feed.