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Olive oil

Olives and olive oils have an enormous diversity of quality and many different flavours. Reasons include the diversity in more than 150 kinds of olive trees .

The Greek olives, which are processed to our "ELIKI" olive oil, grow on trees in rocky, limestone soils in sun-drenched groves. They mature under excellent climatic conditions and are harvested carefully by hand.

Our organic olive oil is virgin, pure oil and thus largely untreated.
Immediately after harvest it is won by gently pressing, cleaning and filtering the olives at low temperatures.
It naturally comes from the first cool pressing and has a very fruity aroma with an aftertaste of almonds.

Our olive oil:

  • is rich in unsatured fatty acids and vitamins
  • has a fruity, intensive aroma
  • promotes a healthy nutrition with a Mediterranean attitude to life
  • is suitible for hot and cold kitchen

In 2002 "ELIKI" olive oil received the winner award at a blind tasting of an American institute of food technology.

"ELIKI" olive oil is offered in bottles (0,25 to 1 liter) and in containers (canister 3l, 5l and drums to 1000l).