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Botanic agents as natural antioxidants

In the past, the term antioxidants was limited to substances, that prevent the oxidation ("getting rancid") of fats and proteins and thus extend the durability of feed products.
By now, antioxidants have gained much wider relevance because of increased consumer awareness of health and nutritional issues.

In addition, recent studies on agricultural livestock show the effect of antioxidant activities in vivo.

  • better absorption of nutritents
  • improved feed conversion rate (FCR)
  • increased daily weight gain (ADG)
  • improved immune status
  • increased fertility

All these factors lead to increased profitability.

Moreover, natural antioxidants influence the quality of animal products (i.e. by reduction of drip loss) and extend their durability.

Our products contain natural botanical active ingredients (i.e. saponins, polyphenols) from selected plants and plant parts that have, due to their concentration and the variable composition, a very high anti-microbial and antioxidantal potential.
Special manufacturing techniques allow an optimal availability of active ingredients for the animal organism.

Since almost all of our herbal mixtures affect different animal species and are used as problem solvers, to achieve  improved performance parameters or vitamin E part replacement, you will find some of the products mentioned several times in the sub-groups on the left.